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Do you have problem to access your data? Your PC is crying that there is no HDD? By mistake you deleted your important files? We can help you!


Why choose ITHOPE for data recovery?

The most valuable assets today are data and information. It could be your company’s know-how, research data, your crypto currency wallet, or family pictures from last vacation. Most of them are priceless and very important, so you have a problem when you can’t access them anymore. Professional data recovery service is the way out.

We are getting the data back to life (data recovery) for more than 10 years. Thanks to our professional equipment, we are always capable to tell you the source of the problem and the solution, if there is any, so you can access all your data, or as much as possible.

Before we start the data recovery process, we put your disk through deep damage diagnostic for free, and we will agree on all future steps together. Your data is our top priority. We are following ethical codex of data recovery and guarantee maximal discretion and security for your data. We always encrypt your data, so no other unauthorized person could access it.

Data recovery – Approximate price list

Every data recovery case is unique. That’s why this is the exact price calculated after the free deep damage diagnostic.

DAMAGE DIAGNOSTIC and exact price calculation (standard working time) FREE
Data recovery from HDD and SSD – Damage level 1 from 5000 Kč
Deleted files, formatted drive, corrupted file system FAT/NTFS  
Data recovery from HDD and SSD – Damage level 2 from 6000 Kč
Damaged reading/writing heads, spindle, bearings, data layer, service part, file system different from FAT/NTFS  
Data recovery from HDD and SSD – Damage level 3 from 9000 Kč
Severe drive damage, or combination of software and hardware damage, virtualized systems and encrypted systems etc.  
Data recovery from Flash disc, SD cards, Mobile from 4000 Kč
Back-up of saved data for you FREE
Ecological liquidation of medium after data recovery FREE
Unsuccessful data recovery. Data is no more available and can’t be recovered, you do not pay anything. FREE

*All prices are without VAT.

The stated prices are informative. The exact price will be set individually after damage diagnostics. The exact price is affected by extent of damage, total medium capacity, time and material demands.

Data recovery – Informative time demands*

ECO mode:up to 7 weeks – 10 % from exacts price w/o VAT
Priority mode:till 4 working days, + 50 % on exacts price w/o VAT
Express mode:till 48 h, + 100 % k on exacts price w/o VAT

*Depends on availability of spare parts.


How do we do it?

We use data recovery in cases of hardware or mechanical damage to data medium (HDD or SSD, SD card, flash discs, SD cards etc.). If the data medium doesn’t work and data recovery is not possible, we will always inform you about the next steps. After mutual agreement we will proceed with for example exchange of the disk and we will continue the data recovery.

We do hardware data recovery from:

  • internal and external HDDs (Samsung, Toshiba, Seagate, WD, etc.) and SSDs (Samsung, Intel, Kingston, WD and others)
  • USB Flash drives and memory cards (CF, SD, SDHC, SDXC and others)
  • Mobile, Tablet (Android, iPhone, Windows Phone)

If there is any software malfunction on physically working drive we can get your data out as well. We are providing data recovery caused by:

  • formatted drive
  • accidently deleted files and folders
  • unsuccessful OS reinstallation
  • RAW format

Categories of drive damage:

  • software damage – deleting or rewriting files, corrupted files, broken file system, formatted drive
  • mechanical – mainly HDD issue – reading heads are scratching the data layer
  • electronics – damage to the internal or external electronics of the data drive

Most common causes of data corruption:

  • external factors – drive was exposed to liquids, dusty environments, high temperatures, physical shocks (e.g. fall)
  • software causes – collapse of unimportant application, computer viruses, RAW format – corruption of MBR sector
  • electronical causes – sudden lost of power supply, short circuit, power supply malfunction etc
  • mechanical issues – most common are problems with moving parts of HDD (platter, reading/writing heads, actuator arm, spindle)

How do I know my data are at risk?

  • i can’t access my data
  • i can’t open a file which I previously opened without problems
  • file can’t be moved, copied or deleted
  • operating system often freezes or crashes
  • folders are full of strange data
  • documents are corrupted
  • PC doesn’t recognize the HDD/SSD
  • the operating system crashes by file opening
  • PC or notebook makes strange sounds
  • and way more…

If you are experiencing one or more of the above, contact us and we will help you. We will find the core of the problem and solve it. Upon your wish, your data will be backed-up to chosen disk type.

Attention 1: Data recovery is professional craft, please do not try at home. Non-professional data recovery attempts may cause permanent loss of all data.

Attention 2: Despite all our efforts, we can’t guarantee 100% data recovery success.