Can’t access your data? Computer reports disk unavailable? Need your data back? We will help you!

First, however, we need to assess the condition of your device in order to determine the extent of its damage and determine the estimated price for data recovery. Therefore, please fill out and send the inquiry form below and we will contact you. For more information on data recovery, please click here.

eq. John Doe
eq. +420 111 222 333
You give us your consent to open the storage media and you understand that after this action it may no longer be possible to claim the warranty on the media, if it is still under warranty
After successful data recovery i want to return the damaged media (assembly fee will be charged)
If possible, please provide as much information as possible about your damaged device: how the damage occurred, what the behavior of the device is, a description of the data to be saved (folder names, file format), etc.
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